We're making a change for the better

To reduce further impact on our environment, by December 2021 we will no longer sell single-use plastic bags in
any of our stores. We’re inviting you to join us by choosing reusable shoppers or bringing your own.

Everybody knows that single-use plastic is so last season, that’s why we’re committed to eliminating single-use
plastic bags from our stores by December 2021. Why are plastic bags so bad? It’s said that by 2050, there will be more
plastic in the oceans than fish. As we all know, plastic is not biodegradable, and many plastics are not recyclable
either. This means that even once the plastic has broken down into thousands of tiny pieces, these continue to
pollute the soil and water in our environment, affecting us, our precious wildlife and the broader ecosystem.

Our cost-effective reusable shopper bags make a great alternative to single-use plastic packets and are always on
offer when shopping in our stores. Or bring your own reusable bags along from home to use when you shop!

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