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  • You can now use your Mr Price Money card to shop at any Mr Price, Mr price Home, Mr Price Sport, Sheet Street or Miladys store in South Africa!

  • Yes, you can choose between 6 and 12-month interest bearing facility. Both facilities are open to shopping across the 6 retail brands.

  • Yes, you will, and you will still be able to shop across the divisions

  • Unfortunately, you cannot use your account card to shop online across all 6 retail brands. Currently you can only shop online at Mr Price, Mr Price Home and Mr Price Sport using your Mr Price Money card. At with your Miladys account card and at Sheet using your Sheet Street account card.

  • New account customers will only be able to open one 6 or 12-month account to shop across Mr Price, Mr Price Home, Mr Price Sport Mr price Cellular, Sheet Street or Miladys. If you already have a 24-month account, you will only be able to use this card to shop at Mr Price Home and Mr Price Sport for the more expensive items such as furniture and exercise machines.

  • Over and above the benefits you get when opening your account, you can now shop so much more across Mr Price, Mr Price Home, Mr Price Sport, Mr Price Cellular, Sheet Street or Miladys all on one card. You can also buy airtime and data on account and take out Mr Price Insurance products all conveniently billed to your store card.

  • Club members can ONLY receive their Club points when they shop in a Miladys store.

  • No unfortunately only Miladys account holder can sign up for Club, but Sheet Street and Mr Price Money account holders qualify for the Home of Regards and Insiders rewards program.

  • The purchase at a different brand will appear as a line item on your monthly statement and will be included in your total monthly spend. You will still get your statement each month from the store you originally opened your account with.

  • Yes, you can but only a Miladys 6/12 month interest bearing account.

  • Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this account, but you can choose to migrate to a 12 month interest bearing account. Contact Mr Price Money Customer Services on 0800 212 535 and the team will migrate the account.

  • Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this account, but you can open a 12 month account.

  • Yes, you can and yes it will apply to your additional card.

  • Yes

  • If you are already a customer with two of the six different accounts (Mr Price, Mr price Home, Mr Price Sport, Sheet Street or Miladys), we recommend you choose to pay down one of your accounts, that way you will only need to manage one account and will also save on service fees. You can carry on shopping on both accounts, until you have paid down and closed one account.

  • Once you have finished paying down your account, we will then close it.

  • No, you can carry on shopping at any of the six stores using the card you currently have. New customers will get the new divisional card, and this will have all six retail brand logos on the back.

  • Yes, you can pay your account at any Mr Price Group store, that means any Miladys, Sheet Street, Mr Price, Mr Price Home and Mr Price Sport stores in South Africa..

  • No, you will need to pay each account separately using the account card you would like to pay your monthly instalment on and the tender type of your choice to make the payment. You can however make both these payments at the same store.

  • We will automatically cancel one of the insurance products for you on the account you used less in the last 3 months. Don’t stress – you will still be covered by the insurance product on another account.

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