Together we do good. 

As a business, Miladys is on a journey to look after the things we love: our planet, the people around us and the resources we all

need. This journey is tied into our purpose, which is to add value to the lives of you, our customers and worth to our partners’

lives while caring for the environment and the communities we operate within.

We’ve called this journey Together We Do Good because we believe that by working together with our customers, our suppliers

and the community, we can do so much more.

Some of the ways we're doing good

Goodbye single-use

plastic bags

We love



our youth



Actively reducing

energy usage

Cutting back

on paper


Let's be honest - fashion doesnt have the best reputation when it comes to taking care of people and

the planet, and the  need for better choices evolves every day. So instead of making a few promises

and leaving it at that, we're taking it all on as a journey.

So with something as simple as building props for our store windows, or when we bring in new fashion

we ask "who can do this locally, and who needs the opportunity the most?" or when it comes to making

denim, we find local factories that do it with recycled water because we understand how precious our natural resources are.

These stories are a living part of our business - and there are loads more just like that! We're doing every

little bit, every single day and we're in this together, because together we can do good.


the Mr Price Foundation

On your behalf, we donate 1% of every purchase to the Mr Price Foundation, which goes towards initiatives like JumpStart, EduRise, and HandPicked.

Along with you, we run donation drives regularly to support women in need. From dresses and denim to sandals and winter warmers, we gather your gently worn garments and donate them to worthy causes.

Building a


Just by adding R2, R5, or R10 to your purchase, you can contribute to South African youth development through the Mr Price Foundation initiatives.

You're saving fresh water just by choosing Miladys water-wise denim, which is made using recycled water, saving millions of litres of fresh water each year.

Making denim
with recycled

Digital receipts when you shop in-store and a reduced quantity of labels on our garments means less wastage and up to 2.3 tonnes of paper saved, making your shopping experience more sustainable and reducing our carbon footprint.

In partnership with Sealand, we recycle the polytwill fabric from our store window banners to make schoolbags for economically disadvantaged schoolchildren.

Saving energy is as easy as switching a light. With LED lightbulbs in all stores and at the head office, we're using up to 90% less electricity.


We're making the sustainable choices easy with two alternatives to single-use plastic shopping bags, with our reusable fabric bags and brown paper bags.

Our reusable shopping bags are made with undyed RPET fabric, meaning that plastic has been diverted from landfills and recycled to make them.

Over 80%
locally-made clothing

More than 80% of our clothing is locally made, so just by shopping with us, you're supporting local businesses.

Over the past year, Miladys has donated close to 13000 items of clothing to the Clothing Bank, at a retail value of almost R3 million, to develop and empower local women.

Supporting homegrown

We employ local artisans to make our updated window props for each season, providing opportunities and supporting talent.

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