When it comes to paper, less is more

We’re reducing the size and amount of labels we print and they’re printed with non-toxic inks, making them fully
recyclable. Plus, we have adopted paperless receipts in stores.

Many people automatically think paper is better for the environment because it isn’t plastic, but this isn’t always
the case. In fact, paper uses twice as much energy to produce as it would to produce a plastic packet, and
accounts for roughly 25% of landfill waste.

Because we love and care about our environment, we’ve started to save paper by reducing the size of our
clothing labels and the amount of labelling we use for each of our products. Smaller labels means less paper,
and less paper means less waste – simple, but effective! As a result, we’ve saved over 2.3 tons of paper (so far). We
also use non-toxic inks in the printing process, meaning our labels don’t have to end up in landfills if you choose
to recycle them, and they will biodegrade without harming the environment.

The next time you shop at Miladys, you’ll see that we now use a paperless receipts system in our stores too, and
we encourage our account holders to switch to e-statements instead of having them posted. We also offer our
Club members the option to receive our ML Mag digitally via email instead of a printed version – a lot of little
changes really do add up!

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