Women's Month - Barbara

For 75 years, we’ve been on a journey with the women of South Africa. What started off as one store all those
decades ago has grown into something that represents all women and celebrates our inspiring diversity.

We have never stopped looking to you to inspire the way we do things. Every day we set meetings and gather
around tables, all to discuss one thing: you. From how we can better serve you, to how we can craft every
garment so it fits you perfectly whether you’re a size 32 or size 50.

Our dream to build a brand for women everywhere becomes more of a reality every day. That’s all thanks to you.
Simply put, we’re inspired by women everywhere.

“You are strong and resilient, and multi-faceted. You were born to be creative, nurturing and spontaneous – for
yourself and those around you. May you know that it is never too late for you.”

Behind Barbara’s beautifully brilliant smile is a woman of substance, drive, integrity and intense creativity. Barbara
is a mom and a GP, who up until recently was working in a busy practice. Last year she began her journey into
full-time studies, specialising in Dermatology – no mean feat given that she is also a wife to an equally busy doctor,
a mother to two young children, and the co-founder of a side hustle making life planners for women who crave
creativity in their busy lives.

“I really love what I do. I feel so fulfilled in my work as someone who can advocate for my patients’ health and can
encourage them to advocate for their own health,” says Barbara, who is relishing the opportunity to be a student
again – although it does come with its own challenges, like coping with an eternal juggle struggle. “I really believe
that it takes a village to raise a family – my parents help me manage work and mom-life and my husband, Johan, is
an absolutely equal partner in our marriage,” she says.
Barbara thrives on carving out creative space and time for herself. “It’s why my business partner and I devised our
planner, it’s a way to document your life meaningfully and with creative purpose,” she says.

It’s clear that Barbara is a powerhouse on so many levels, but she is clear that being overly stretched is an unhealthy
place to be. “When I was completing my internship, we had some very tricky cases and it taught me to ask for help
early on,” she says. “It’s a lesson that has always stayed with me.”

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