Denim with a difference

All of our blue denims are made in a factory that uses recycled water in the denim washing process, helping us to
save millions of litres of fresh water every year.

How it works
Denim needs to be washed before we can turn it into the WonderFit jeans that you all know and love. Here’s
everything you need to know about our water saving process:

1. Washing our denim fabric leaves behind chemicals, cotton fibres, little stone particles, and indigo dye. This water
(with everything in it) is left to settle so that the heavy particles drop to the bottom.

2. Then, the aeration process begins. This is where air passes through the tank to filter oxygen into the water.
3. Next, all the particles are scooped out and chemicals are added.

4. The water is then left to culture bacteria that will ‘eat’ any fibre waste (don’t worry, the bacteria don’t make it past
this point!).

5. Any leftover particles are removed from the water, and it’s passed into another tank to be clarified and filtered.
6. The result? Purified, clean industrial water used to wash the next batch of denim. Amazing, isn’t it?

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