Women's Month - Slee


For 75 years, we’ve been on a journey with the women of South Africa. What started off as one store all those
decades ago has grown into something that represents all women and celebrates our inspiring diversity.

We have never stopped looking to you to inspire the way we do things. Every day we set meetings and gather
around tables, all to discuss one thing: you. From how we can better serve you, to how we can craft every
garment so it fits you perfectly whether you’re a size 32 or size 50.

Our dream to build a brand for women everywhere becomes more of a reality every day. That’s all thanks to you.
Simply put, we’re inspired by women everywhere.

“Remember, there is so much power in being part of something bigger than you.”

You’ll hear Slee Mbhele coming before you see her. Her larger-than-life personality marries with an equally
compelling voice that brims with confidence and joy – it’s infectious and impossible not to want to know more about
what makes her tick. And it turns out there’s a lot.
Slee is a medical researcher and clinical trials data manager at the University of Cape Town. The lab facility where
she works is involved with cutting-edge research by some of the country’s finest medical professionals, and Slee
loves that her own skills play a role in a multitude of medical successes. “I went into my industry because I knew I
wanted to be part of something bigger than me and to make a difference, it felt like it would be an opportunity to
give back,” she says. Slee says medical research is such an integral part of a successful society. “All medications,
medical breakthroughs and health devices start with medical research and it’s only in five, or even 10 years’ time
that you’ll see the results,” she explains.

Aside from her meaningful medical work, Slee is a mom and a volunteer firefighter, a role she does not take lightly. “I
am very passionate about the environment. I love being out there, not just enjoying nature while hiking, but playing
a part in its preservation. It sounds terrifying being at the frontlines of a fire, but helping people and playing a role in
saving the environment is so rewarding,” she says.

Behind every powerhouse is often someone extraordinary, and Slee is the first to say her mother is everything to
her. “She is an amazing woman – a single mom who had little materially, but did everything in her power for me.”

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