For 75 years, we’ve been on a journey with the women of South Africa. What started off as one store all those
decades ago has grown into something that represents all women and celebrates our inspiring diversity.

We have never stopped looking to you to inspire the way we do things. Every day we set meetings and gather
around tables, all to discuss one thing: you. From how we can better serve you, to how we can craft every
garment so it fits you perfectly whether you’re a size 32 or size 50.

Our dream to build a brand for women everywhere becomes more of a reality every day. That’s all thanks to you.
Simply put, we’re inspired by women everywhere.

“Because you are brave, and you are fierce and magical. You build businesses, keep families together and support
friends. Your spirit and love for one another is your greatest asset.”

After a series of life-changing events, Niki began a yoga quest around seven years ago. “Spirituality had always
been a big part of my life and while I was interested in yoga practice from a physical aspect, it was the philosophy
behind it that inspired me and guided me through many dark days,” she says. “Yoga is a practice that brings you
back to yourself, and although I have had a number of different careers – as a business analyst and a photographer
– my journey ultimately led to me becoming a professional yoga teacher, even though I always said I’d never teach,”
she laughs.

Niki’s yoga journey coincided with her delving into metaphysics, meditation and counselling, all of which she is
qualified to practice, but it is her yoga studio, Manifest in Durban, that she founded with her daughter and fellow
yoga teacher, Ellen, that is her most current achievement. “We set out to create the best and most cutting-edge
studio that embraces yoga as a philosophy and practice of self-love and health,” says Niki.
The fledgling business opened in 2019 and moved online during lockdown, although they returned to running inperson
classes this year. It has also expanded to offering a variety of lifestyle products to customers. It’s been a
time of tremendous flux, yet Niki has met the challenges head on. “We set out to create the best yoga studio and
experience in Durban and I believe we did it,” she says.

What’s next on the cards for Niki? A move to Cape Town beckons, she says. “I’m selling everything and am going
to live close to the sea and focus on finishing my book. I’ve had so many requests to produce a book that embodies
my philosophies on life – it may just be my next big thing.”

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