Super-Stretch Leggings

Tried and tested by women just like you, our Stretch Leggings
(from only R299) are made to work with your shape, not against it. With Memory Stretch Technology, the double-knit ponte fabric holds and smooths beautifully and stays new-looking for longer. Find your own Fit Approved styles in sizes S to 3XL, in fitted leg, straight leg or bootleg styles, all 100% locally made.

Activist Blogger

Megan Richards

Body positivity is on top of Megan’s agenda. Having started her lifestyle blog a few years back, her voice has grown and her mission has focused in on helping women embrace their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. She spoke to us about body positivity and gave our Stretch Leggings a try as well. Here’s what she said.

I love the fit of these leggings, they’re comfortable and easy to put on. You’re not jumping into them, or struggling to pull them over your tummy. I really like the fit and I know that I can style them with so many items in my closet. I can dress them up, I can dress them down. I feel like I could wear them to the gym and then afterwards, if I need to run errands, I can just quickly change my top and off I go.

These leggings are inclusive and they go from size
small up to 3XL, so there really

is something for every single body.
The fit o
f these leggings is amazing and the sizes are great. Bigger or plus-size women, we
still want to feel confident and we want our clothing to be comfortable because if you’re not comfortable then you’re not going to be confident. I think it’s important to find brands that create comfortable clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.


Entre- preneur


Nwabisa Dyala



An entrepreneur, freelancer and model, Nwabisa wears many hats – and for her, fashion is a way to express herself and feel confident in all of those roles. And when it comes to fashion, Nwabisa feels excited that more and more women and diverse body types are represented today. Here’s what she had to say after trying out  Stretch Leggings.

Putting them on is like having everything lifted up and put it into the right places. I mean, who doesn’t want a pair of leggings that hugs every curve in the body and puts it in the right place? So they definitely are amazing, they feel soft, they’re warm and amazing for winter.

The fit is great and they immediately feel good on. They’re like wearing a good pair of jeans but softer. And you can actually do more in these. The fit definitely feels amazing and that pushes through to my self-confidence and the way I put myself out to the world.


Model Marketer


As a model, interior stylist and newly qualified digital marketer with a keen interest in inclusivity and equal representation of all women in the online world, Blanca understands the importance of dressing for the occasion but always with comfort in mind. So we gave her our Stretch Leggings to try out and this is what she said about them.

When I first put these leggings on, the
first thing I felt was that they have a really smoothing effect, especially on the thighs and especially the back of the thighs. So it feels really together, it holds you all together, in a really nice way. They sort of hold and lift everything up. The fit plays a big role in how these leggings feel. It’s great that you don’t have to constantly adjust them. I feel really at ease in what I’m wearing.

So, the leggings I’m wearing right now are high-waisted leggings, which I love, personally. High-waisted anything. I feel my best in
high-waisted pants. I feel like they help me celebrate my body and how I feel. I can show my shape, my waist, my figure - it feels good.


Working Mother


Junette Syster

As a model, fertility industry pioneer and a mom herself, Junette knows what it means to juggle a full schedule. Choosing fashion that looks great, is the right size for her (no matter what’s on the label) and feels comfortable are priorities for her. So we gave her our Stretch Leggings to try out and this is what she had to say.

These leggings actually feel amazing. I feel that they nip and tuck and take everything where it’s supposed to be. They’re definitely tights that I would consider a staple piece. I feel like they’re going to be around for many seasons and the quality is great, it’s not just for one year, it’s going be in your wardrobe for quite some time.

The fit makes me feel confident. And I think what affects my confidence most when it comes to any clothing is just to wear my size. It doesn’t matter what’s on the label, it’s what your body is comfortable in and what makes you feel beautiful when you walk out the door.



Worn by Marian - size L

Worn by Nwabisa - size 2XL

Worn by Nahuane - size XL


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